2014 Milestones and Reflections


January always is an interesting time for me.  The hustle bustle of the holidays behind me, and the promise of renewal and challenges ahead.  On January 10, 2008, I declared, after 23 years in corporate roles, to start The Ermi Group.  I was having lunch with a former boss and colleague, and he really inspired me to give being on my own a try.  If it wasn't for that lunch, and that informal networking moment, I am not sure if I'd be writing this blog right now.  Of course, if you have read any of my posts before, you have surmised I am a very spiritual person, and faith is a critical factor to my mindset, and success, to-date.  I am convinced nothing is a coincidence, so I feel enormous gratitude that I am able to support my family, be involved in my daughters' lives,  and do work I am passionate about.  

December 31 usually marks the completion of many government contracts.  This past year was no exception.  What changed is that due to the budget crisis, two of what had become a reliable source of clients and income are no longer participating in an external coaching program.  I learned so very much from being a government sub-contractor/coach, and the 100+ clients I was able to support and be a part of their development journey, was a privilege.  

A belief I maintain is the notion of when a door closes, another opens.  This is the phenomenon I experience in January.  

  • Reflecting on what went well
  • What didn't 
  • What could I do differently in the future  
  • Acknowledgement of situations I could have handled differently
  • Celebration of seeing a client reach their potential
  • Joy of what a high performing team can accomplish if they invest in themselves
  • Transformation that can occur when authentic conversations lead to trusting relationships.

I am passionate about Millennials.  And I plan to continue my research in how to bridge the generation gaps, and support organizations in creating an engaging culture where their goals are surpassed, and their employees are fulfilled.  They are our future, and I am committed to be a part of making sure they are successful, and prepared to meet those unknown challenges ahead.  

Here's to at least 6 more years of The Ermi Group. Grateful.


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