Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  I tend to have a heart of gratitude, and have spent many years reminding myself how blessed I have been.  


This holiday just fits with my lens of life.  My friend Stephanie Tarant recently posted this and it caught my eye, so I will attempt to complete this, for no other reason but to be intentional about why Thanksgiving and thanks giving are important to me. 

Playing catch up:

Day 1 - Person - there are so many, it is challenging to choose one, but I will choose my dad. He is 86 now, and has always been my biggest supporter.  Whenever I need someone to go to for some empathy, my dad is my go-to-guy. He always knows what to say, and I was very fortunate to be raised with lots of love and encouragement. I am sure that has resulted in my confidence and passion for helping people.

Day 2 - Animal - This little ball of love just joined our family last week. Welcome Buddy!                                                                                                                                                                        b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_2093-1.jpg

Day 3 - Cozy Place - Cuddling with my Kate and new pup in my favorite chair in the sunroom.

(proactive) Day 4 - Favorite Snack - I make a pretty mean Buffalo Chicken Dip.  In fact I was recently requested to make it for the Washington Redskins/ Buffalo Bills game in December.

How about you?  Can you take a few moments during November and intentionally and mindfully think about 30 conditions to be grateful for?  

I'll be back with periodic updates and would love to hear from you too!