Happy Anniversary to Me! Celebrating Milestones!


Happy One Year Anniversary! Of what you ask?  I posted my first blog one year ago.  After mentors like Mike Figlioulo, Kevin Eikenberry and Becky Robinson encouraged me to start, I am quite happy that I am still doing it one year later.  Like many of my predecessors, and countless peers in my profession have uttered to me, I thought that no one would find what I have to say of interest.  What value could I possibly add?  No one has time to read my blogs.  And with coaching and encouragement, I decided to give it a whirl.  While my readership does not even compete with the aforementioned, I received some wonderful feedback last week from a Millennial I met recently in a training class that read one of my posts and is now taking action to address something she has been putting off for a very long time, and that, is why I do this.

If ONE person can find joy, laugh, or ponder something that pours from these fingers, then why not!


Becky Robinson has an amazing website called 12 Minute Media and really, that is about all the time I put into a post.  More time with graphics and aesthetics than I should, but it is actually fun!  Most of my mentors blog at least weekly if not more, and I try to keep up with top blogs like Business Insider and Mashable.  And I have decided I will blog when I have the energy and the passion to write about something.

My blog covers themes like Millennials, family, leadership development, and holidays it seems.  Blogging is actually a great way to 'journal' about what you are thinking about, topics that grab your interest, or experiences that played a significant role in your life.

Why not take a moment, no matter the forum, and write about what is meaningful in your life.  I suggest journaling to my coaching clients all the time, some do it, most do not.  And when they do, I often hear them thanking me for the suggestion as it always inspires something that would not have occurred other wise.  There is something powerful to writing it down. It makes a thought become closer to a commitment.

What is worth celebrating for YOU today!?

What can you write down as a commitment to yourself that gets you closer to action?

Enjoy the little wins.  They add up.

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