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Another winner from Mike Figliouolo.  I just love his first book One Piece of Paper, so I couldn't wait to get my copy of Lead Inside the Box.  The title had me very curious as I know Mike as an "out of the box" kind of leader.  What is offered is a pragmatic and effective approach of The Leadership Matrix.  It's not just another 4-box model that we've seen before, it is a strategic tool to help you measure the output of your team members and the investment you are making in them (input or leadership capital.)  

Mike and co-author Victor Prince then provide 12 leadership services, or competencies, that we can then really analyze our team members and how they are performing compared to what we are investing.  

This will be a must-read for any leader looking to conduct a talent review for high potential development (exemplars.)  b2ap3_thumbnail_20150410-Leadership-Matrix.pngThey offer a frank vernacular to differentiate the various players on your team.  

"Steamroller" and "Squeaky Wheels" or high-cost producers are those team members that can be disruptive, yet deliver their results.  

Their behavior invariably causes casualties on a high-performing team, and this book offers excellent coaching advice on how to approach them.

I will be sure to order several copies and offer them to my coaching clients.

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