Rights of Passage

Rights of Passage

Careers and their progression are much like watching our children grow up.  My almost 5 year old is getting too big for "Little People" and board books, and it is sort of sad to realize that she is a big girl, and is ready for beginning reader books, and more complex toys like Legos and American Girl dolls.  She knows how to put in the Kindergarten computer game by herself, and print out her results and is teaching herself to read as a result.  She whips around the iPad like a pro, and the apps that are available are cute, interactive and have great learning messages.

Christmas is coming, and she has been creating her wish list, and my approach has been to make it a bit limited, versus a long endless list, and over indulgence of excesses that I certainly was blessed with.  But a few thoughtful things that may trigger something educational, or help in making her well rounded.  She has asked for cars and trucks, in addition to LaLaLoopsie (I may adopt this word to describe some of my clients that are lost and floundering.) It is a reinvigorating experience for a child to go through their things, teach them to sort what can be donated to a little boy or girl who doesn't have many toys.  Teaching them a spirit of giving early is important.

Also, it is teaching them reflective skills as well.  "Remember when you loved this book it was your favorite, now this is your favorite."

Throughout our careers we could take a lesson from cleaning out the cob webs, sifting through our things, and purging the old and antiquated to make room for new best practices and hot new trends.  And also to take a pause to celebrate the successes and victories of our past, strategies and frameworks that inspired others, and dust them off and give them a face lift in the new world order.

We need to keep our skills fresh, we cannot stay the same.  The Millennials entering the workforce are techo-wizards, and with the vast majority of the workforce being in the 35-55 year old range (including this blogger) we cannot sit by and watch it all happen around us.  We need to purge our Little People and keep up with the trends, without throwing out the proverbial baby.

It's a blend of what has worked and been successful, and what is new and innovative.  There is a place for both I think, and I want to send a message to those out there resisting the change in the workforce to keep up, invest in your growth.  My 82 year old daddy is taking a computer class because he realizes he needs to keep up, or get out.  After a long, successful career in business, he is still vital and wants to have a purpose!  I meet 50 year olds who are frozen in 1979, and refuse to keep up with technology as a political statement.  Now that is a lifestyle choice I know, and please do not hear any judgment here.  I just choose to invest, to keep up with my continuing education credits, to be purging my old toys to make room for new ones, to donate my time and my services to those that cannot afford these things on their own.  I have not piqued, I want to delay that process by refreshing my skills, learning, and taking lessons for my 4 year old.   She said yesterday as we peered out the window looking at the lovely sunset, "Mommy, I love the beautiful sunset,  I could just stare at it all day."

Reflection....Rights of passage...


A Handful of Thankfuls
Just Another Day, Make it Count

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