Steve Jobs - Our Way of Life is Forever Changed

As the world knows Steve Jobs passed away yesterday.  He was born in 1955, he was a young 56 years old.  A quintessential Generation Jones. He had a longing and a yearning for constant improvement, growth, dreamed BIG and it is said that he envisioned the future and he brought the world to it.  I am proud to be a part of his generation. I just learned he was adopted, so am I.  Being adopted back then was not as common as it is now, so it was sort of a cool club!

What an icon, a $350 billion empire from a business he started from his parents garage.  Outstanding!   There is nothing I can write here today that will suitably honor this genius, but only to declare my admiration and respect.  He was a cutting edge leader.  He had no limitations, other than the disease of which he could not innovate a solution.  He will be forever remembered as a revolutionary of progress, advances in technology that we can't really comprehend as we take them all for granted.

I was not an early adopter to the Apple family of products.  In reading about all of his accomplishments, it started in 1976, the Apple II in 1977.  I was 14, so I was happy we had cassette tapes instead of 8-track!  The PC dominates the corporate world of which I spent 25 years a part of, so it just never was a priority.  But the iPhone and iPad changed everything.  I am writing this homage on my MacBook Pro, have my iPhone next to me and my 4 year old is playing Pre-School LunchBox on the iPad.  Once I started my own firm, and was thinking about upgrading my technology, so many innovative people I respect screamed out "Get a MAC! You'll love it!"  I am now extremely happy that I did.

Thank you Mr. Jobs for changing the world.  For inspiring millions, for your story.

We've Come a Long Way Part II
We've Come a Long Way...or have we

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