The Promise of Spring

Seasons’ change falls upon us. Spring ahead, cherry blossoms, and jonquils grace our landscape. Saint Patrick’s Day beams of green and our lawns will soon follow. The promise of spring has many connotations for people, and this blogger is no exception. Spring-Colours-Wallpaper

In previous posts I wrote about SAD – seasonal affective disorder, often referred to as the winter blues. Once treated this very real and disruptive condition can make the doldrums of January and wretched February more bearable. But spring is the elixir that soothes the soul.

Spring is the renewal of hope, growth and vigor. Not only is it visibly evident, but the energy lift is exponential. The neighbor kids are frequent visitors again since bringing the new puppy Oreo home last week, and I am reminded of the hilarity of spring fever. We hear more and more about Vitamin D deficiencies, and spring is nature’s antidote.

From a business perspective, I am experiencing a trend of revived interest in development. I have literally written six requests for proposals in the last week. I envision these leaders as bulbs peaking up from the ground, reaching for the sustenance of the sun’s rays, and realizing they may need some support to fully blossom. What a privilege to be considered as a safe partner for that growth to occur.

I profess a spirit of gratitude and love when I see neuroscientists writing about how this simple yet often uncommon practice has the same impact on our brain chemistry as many medicinal alternatives. I’ll take gratitude over Prozac any day. Intentional practices are key.

gratitudeThe clergy have known quite a bit about gratitude for millennia. My Pastor told us this past Sunday, “Imagine waking up today with only those things you thanked God for yesterday (showed gratitude for)?” Humbling and sobering thought.

Even my daughter Kate’s school has adopted a theme of gratitude in the integrated curriculum this year.

As we welcome in spring, take a pause and reflect: what are you grateful for today?

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