Tribute to Kate

I wrote this while traveling late last year. I head out this week for several days, and the guilt of not being there made me want to share this with anyone that feels compelled to read it.


Oh sweet Kate how I love you so.

Daily proclamations of “it’s morning time!”

Unyielding contentment as I watch you grow.

The moments you call for me, a precious rhyme.

You love life and all it brings.

It is your excitement about all living things.

The perpetual grin on my face as I look into your Mapuche eyes.

My heart bursts with what you will eventually realize.

And God placed you in my over extended hands.

I regret when my patience fails.

I’d kiss you all day if life didn’t have other plans.

You are just my little skittle I want to gobble as a snack.

And there are moments I wish I could have back.

Infectious are your giggles.

Triggered by my tickles.

Treasures made of nickels.

Mimi flowers, singing for hours.

Scrub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub.

A caring friend, a tender heart, inclusive and fair.

You expect it in return.

Your heart breaks when it’s burned.

What does God have in store?

What is He looking for?

Is being there enough?

Have we given you too much stuff?

Am I being too tough?

Do I laugh with you enough?

Parenting is the hardest job I’ve learned,

With so many discoveries discerned.

As far as I am concerned,

The best job in the land.

Will you ever understand?

What you have been in my life?

Just when I was the most lonely,

You showed up and stole my essence.

Made me a better human.

I melt in your presence.

It was no accident,

God had the right plan.

Stories like this cannot be made up.

And it will last for eternity.

Kate bobate with the update,

I know other mom’s can relate.

Each moment frozen would not be enough

To realize the purpose you have for me.


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