Year in Review: The Ermi Group Turns 8!


December is a blend of fury from the holidays and reflection of the past year, and excitement for the year ahead. January feels like new beginnings and even a bit anticlimactic. The Ermi Group is winding down its seventh year in business.   As a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) we have experienced the joys of entrepreneurship as well as the challenges of facing the unknown of the economy.  We are pleased to report 2015 was our most successful year to date. 

  • Serving well over 200 clients in over 20 organizations in 2015, our team of coaches and consultants have been able to connect with leaders in transformational ways. 
  • We take pride in our passion for continuous development and added new certifications to our credentials, and invested in keeping current on best practices in leadership development by investing in over 100 hours of continuing education. 
  • We are grateful for our Georgetown University colleagues and make sure we are in forums with coaches all over the world so we bring the very best to our clients. 

Here are a few soundbytes from a few of our clients:

  • “I am so grateful to have selected a coach from The Ermi Group.  I had choices, but found their methodology and practices were what I needed.” Executive at a global pharma company
  • “Lori was there for me during a difficult transition, and I really felt like she was the one safe place I could go to work through an extremely challenging time.” Executive at a global biotech firm
  • “I have worked with Lori and her team for several years.  The Ermi Group brings a fresh and honest approach to teams, and doesn’t leave us the same.” VP of HR, real estate development firm

In order to serve our clients well, we are passionate about continuing education, staying current with best practices and adding to our vast tool kit. A new certifications we will be engaging in this coming year is Scott Eblin’s Life GPS® program, a companion workshop from his recent best seller Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative.  The book challenges us to reflect on when we are at our best and what are those characteristics in defining and living that.  In preparation for the certification, I have been thinking about what that means.  Life is a blur sometimes, and carving out quiet time to pause and reflect is a challenge.

I met with a high potential leader the other day, and she really inspired me.  She was able to confront some self-limiting beliefs, say them out loud, and commit to a practice to start hard-wiring new ways of seeing herself.  I was proud of her.  Her realization was breakthrough for her, and I got chills from head to toe as she discovered these unconscious beliefs. 

It’s moments like these I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing: supporting clients, giving them a safe place to figure out their shadow side, holding the space to be authentic, without judgment.  I say this to my team and colleagues all the time. “What a blessing leadership coaching is a career!  Finally, executives know that having a coach is a strategic differentiator, and not something punitive.”  I am prepared to take on my eighth year as a small business owner, and my journey up until is a powerful foundation.  My team, coaches, consultants, friends and family are incredible enablers, our gratitude is boundryless.  b2ap3_thumbnail_vvzc9zht6q2shlaacehsdbs0ny6egvualv5kcorbqyigryobgabalml3pag5mogr-300x200.jpg

Here is to our 8th year!

Thank you to our leaders who allow us to help them explore their potential, as they bring out the best in themselves and others.  

May we dream of a New Year that is safer, where we consistently show up at our best.  

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