What are you going to unwrap in 2012?


I wish I was all ready for the holidays and that all the presents were wrapped and under the tree on the Winter Solstice but alas, I am not.  My almost 5 year old is so excited for Christmas this year.  Mommy was rushing around this last 2 months and did not plan things out as well as she would have liked.  Getting to a store seemed challenging, so Kate and I looked up everything on-line and sent an "e-mail to Santa" with all the items she thought she'd like within reason.  She learned about the cost of some of the latest fads, and I was pleases when she'd ask "is that too expensive Mommy?" And if I said "Yes it is." There were no tears and she was cool with it.

Fortunately she cannot read a lot yet so she did not know the "e-mail" actually went to and, but everything arrived today and she is not even curious what the multitude of boxes were.  So strange.  So we will wrap all this stuff in the next couple of days and we will assume Santa will eat the milk and cookies as he squeezes himself through our gas powered fireplace.

For Santa, and what about the reindeer?

My husband got a snow blower (not going to risk another February of 2010 again) and I splurged on an iPad for my business so I can be more productive on the road, vs squinting on the iPhone all the time.  I didn't even wrap it!  But it is under the tree so I have something to open.

But what I plan to unwrap in 2012 is a revitalization of the business.  Refreshing new energy that will keep me focused.  A marketing plan I can follow to keep me challenged.  Hiring some help to allow me a better chance of achieving my goals.  When you have dedicated, loyal, smart people to help you it makes those lofty goals achievable.

These are New Year's Commitments, not resolutions.  Resolutions feel like they are optional because I never have to actually achieve them, and I do not hold myself accountable.

What are your strategies to hold yourself to the fire to get your  dreams closer to a reality?

Who are your support network that you can count on to help you get  there?

Don't have one?  Then get out and meet them!  It is so much better to  get things done with and through others.

I already have 2 speaking engagements and 2 trade shows on the books before the end of May and I am hoping to line even more up!  Some are pro bono, and I believe in the law that when you give joyfully, you will receive in return.  That is the energy I am unwrapping to start out the New Year.

What are you going to unwrap in 2012?


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Steve Jobs - Our Way of Life is Forever Changed

As the world knows Steve Jobs passed away yesterday.  He was born in 1955, he was a young 56 years old.  A quintessential Generation Jones. He had a longing and a yearning for constant improvement, growth, dreamed BIG and it is said that he envisioned the future and he brought the world to it.  I am proud to be a part of his generation. I just learned he was adopted, so am I.  Being adopted back then was not as common as it is now, so it was sort of a cool club!

What an icon, a $350 billion empire from a business he started from his parents garage.  Outstanding!   There is nothing I can write here today that will suitably honor this genius, but only to declare my admiration and respect.  He was a cutting edge leader.  He had no limitations, other than the disease of which he could not innovate a solution.  He will be forever remembered as a revolutionary of progress, advances in technology that we can't really comprehend as we take them all for granted.

I was not an early adopter to the Apple family of products.  In reading about all of his accomplishments, it started in 1976, the Apple II in 1977.  I was 14, so I was happy we had cassette tapes instead of 8-track!  The PC dominates the corporate world of which I spent 25 years a part of, so it just never was a priority.  But the iPhone and iPad changed everything.  I am writing this homage on my MacBook Pro, have my iPhone next to me and my 4 year old is playing Pre-School LunchBox on the iPad.  Once I started my own firm, and was thinking about upgrading my technology, so many innovative people I respect screamed out "Get a MAC! You'll love it!"  I am now extremely happy that I did.

Thank you Mr. Jobs for changing the world.  For inspiring millions, for your story.

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