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It is 6 days before Christmas and on my desk does appear

Many client notes and training materials

That wrap up my year.

Five years in business and gratefully

Working with diverse leaders

And providing for my family.

I love what I do, full of variety and wonder

For each day is unique

Breakthroughs like thunder.

Year end usually means,

Saying 'goodbye' to a few.

They worked so hard 

To create a 'new you.'

How many of us get to be so connected?

To the people we work with

Or those that are elected.

Never could there be

A better career for me.

I get to partner with the best 

And watch them crest.

I am constantly learning

As I hold the space of their yearning,

While being a place

They can feel safe.

What a privilege it is 

To have a career

That enables others to grow,

No matter where I go.

I dream each year of new paths to cross

While knowing I can be there for someone at a loss.

Emotions and language and mind and spirit

My clients know I am willing to hear it.

Life and work are really all one.

We get to go to many places before they are done.

Health, wealth, passion and purpose

Non-profits, corporate and even the famous.

So Merry Christmas to all

And Happy New Year as well. 

May 2014

Bring you new stories to tell.


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