Quarterly Check on New Year's Commitments

Here we are in the latter part of May and I thought it would be interesting to jog our memories on our New Year's Commitments.  How are YOU doing?  I am not proud to report that my enthusiasm for one day of rest a month, a relaxing massage and starting yoga is less than desirable.

I did get the day of rest for the first quarter of the year.  I went on a three day respite April 30-May 2 to the lovely Tide Inn in Irvington, VA which I think counted as well.  I have to put in a plug for this place!

It was lovely!  A good old fashioned family resort with bicycles, crochet, a giant chess set, tree swing, 9 hole golf course, marina, wildlife and traditional roasting of s'mores in the evening.  As Kate and I took a leisurely swing, a wonderful gentleman approached from the neighboring farm house next door.  He asked if we were guests and invited us to pick fresh herbs from his garden for that evening's dinner by chef TJ.  He was the general manager, Gordon, and he taught Kate (and me) about the marvelous herbs that were in season, and those planted for later in the year.  It was a special treat!  At dinner that night (which was spectacular) Kate identified the herbs she helped pick, and we also received a packet of sweet basil seeds that we planted recently.  We are enjoying watching them grow.  Gordon sent us a handwritten thank you and and remembered our visit, and invited Kate to take a picture of herself with the basil.  We look forward to doing that.  It was a joyous 3 days of complete family time.  Uncomplicated, unstructured.  Healing, generative.

It was topped off a great visit with a college friend and his son, and lunch at his waterside eatery Willaby's.

I want to give myself a generous "A" for my commitment for rest.  But I can see myself easily passing that up in lieu of work, or volunteer activities in the future.  I must keep myself accountable to this!!

Yoga...well, I have failed miserably.  And I really need to do this.  "F." No excuses.

Massage.  Well, I only got the one back in te beginning of the year.  I said I'd get two for the year (twice as many as the year before) so I can say I am on track, but I really want one a month.  Oh well.  Can't have it all!

How are you doing on YOUR commitments?


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