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HR Strategy Development

The Ermi Group, LLC has the experience to serve the client in a variety of ways. It is critical for an organization to have a focused HR Strategy that supports business goals. Leaders need to be aligned and have ownership. The HR strategy must meet the needs of the business in order for the HR team to have credibility to effectively support the organization. The Ermi Group will partner with the HR organization to develop an impactful, best-in-class strategy. Action plans and milestones will be incorporated so the strategy continues to be viable, with the flexibility baked in to address changing business needs.


Organization Development (OD)

One of the classic definitions of organization development comes from Richard Beckhard's 1969 Organization Development: Strategies and Models:

    "Organization Development is an effort (1) planned, (2) organization-wide, and (3) managed from the top, to (4) increase organization effectiveness and health through (5) planned interventions in the organizations "processes," using behavioral-science knowledge."

The Ermi Group has dozens of OD methodologies to partner with the company's leadership to create 'next level' dynamics and to position the company for increased effectiveness and profitability.


Talent Management

It is essential for any successful company to have the processes and tools to best manage their talent. It will become increasingly more competitive to attract top candidates as the baby boomers retire, and the X & Y generations emerge. Getting the right people in the right roles at the right time is the goal of every company, but it is not always easily achievable. The Ermi Group will assist in providing the tools and processes to assess the organization's talent, potential and gaps. The Ermi Group has strategic business partners to assist in finding the right talent and can also assist in transitioning and outplacement when changes are an appropriate outcome. Additionally it is critical to ensure the right performance metrics are in place in terms of goals, competencies, and assessment. The Ermi Group will design the program that works for the company and will prepare them for managing talent in the future.


Employee Engagement/Retention

Now that you have the right players in place, keeping them motivated, loyal and enthusiastic about being at the company is non-negotiable. The cost of turnover can be astronomical (2 to 10 times annual salary).

A litmus test is to ensure that employees would refer their friends and family to the company. Through the use of data obtained through an organization health assessment, the EVP is created and retention tools put in place. Managers will be trained in how to use the tools and the ways to keep your productive and talented workforce in place.


Change Management

Change is constant and not all managers or employees handle it easily or in the same way. The Ermi Group has over 15 years experience in change management methodologies and will partner with leaders and HR to determine the right plans for your change imitative, including mergers and acquisition integration efforts. Communication is critical in a change process and the Ermi Group will create a plan that is customized to the clients business needs.


Workforce Planning, Succession and High Potential Development

The Ermi Group will facilitate sessions with leaders, departments, and functions to determine a workforce plan, succession plan, identification and development of high potentials. The goal is for the leaders to own the talent pool and commit to their development.


Career Transition

Using proven methodologies, coaches work with people who are in transition from one position or career change to the next. The coach and client will meet to explore what their life situation currently is, and what possibilities exist for the future. Determining values, defining options, resume writing, and behavioral interview skills training are some of the frameworks and services available.


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